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From 2018 to 2021




PFPW co-learning team’s 4th co-learning session:  「Intrinsic Motivation and Parenting.」



PFPW co-learning team’s 3rd co-learning session: 「Body-Oriented Emotion Regulation Techniques.」


《Need a Break身心感知音樂工作坊》小孩組(3-5yr)第一節、大人組第二節

「Need a Break Somatic Music Workshop」 Children’s Group (3-5yr) Section 1, Adult Group Section 2


《Need a Break身心感知音樂工作坊》小孩組(6-10yr)第二節

「Need a Break Somatic Music Workshop」 Children’s Group (6-10yr) Section 2



PFPW co-learning team’s 2nd co-learning session: 「Special Needs and Physical and Mental Education.」


《Need a Break身心感知音樂工作坊》小孩組(6-10yr)及大人組第一節

「Need a Break Somatic Music Workshop」 Children’s Group (6-10yr) and Adult Group Session 1



PFPW co-learning team’s 1st co-learning session: 「Sensory Integration and Parenting.」



「Somatic Music Workshop」 is open for registration.



PFPW online course preparation team officially launched.


身處澳洲的Robin & Robbo 啟動拍攝程序

Robin & Robbo in Australia start filming.


善養小童成大同 第二期 正式展開

The second phase of Parenting for a Peaceful World is formally launched.


善養小童成大同 第一期 完滿結束

The first phase of Parenting for a Peaceful World has completed successfully.



About Us

我們是一群家長與教育工者,相信不同潛能的孩子在充份的支持下,都能夠成為具同感心,整全成長,並對社會負責的世界公民。〈善養小童成大同 〉親職教育計劃始於一本由澳洲心理學家Robin Grille 顧樂本撰寫的親職教育書籍Parenting for a peaceful world ,2017年由教育大同翻譯並出版中譯本《善養小童成大同》,至今已售出4000本;自2018年起透過講座、論壇、工作坊、讀書會在不同社群推動具同感心的親職教養方式。我們致力提倡輔助教養模式,尊重孩子不同成長階段的情感需要,並推動家長互助同行社群,在個人、家庭、校園及社區之中,一同栽種更多同感心的種子。

EDiversity was founded by a group of parents and educators who support children of different potentials to become empathetic, well-learned, and ethical citizens. Inspired by the vision of the internationally acclaimed 「Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW),」 EDiversity translated and published the Chinese version. 「Advocates Helping Mode Parenting,」 one that respects children’s emotional needs at all stages of their childhoods and builds parent mutual support groups who would learn to cultivate compassion in oneself, the family, schools, and the wider community.

甚麼是 善養小童成大同?

What is 「Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)」?

《善養小童成大同》,原著是Parenting for a Peaceful World,作者Robin Grille是心理學家和家長教育專家,他用了十年時間研究,再用五年寫成了近十七萬字的專書,透視人類的教養方式與社會及世界大事的重要關係。Robin支持母乳餵哺、親密育兒法和自主學習,於世界各地授課,致力提倡成年人正視並覺察童年經歷如何影響他們作為父母的教養行為,以及在不同場景與伴侶、朋友、同事、鄰舍的相處模式。Robin與教育大同同樣深信,只要每個家庭和社會都關心兒童的心理和情緒,世界和平將可實現。

「Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)」 was written by Robin Grille, a psychologist and Parent Education Expert. He took ten years to research and another five years to write a book of nearly 170,000 words to support his inspiring perspective on the critical relationship between human parenting style, social and world affairs. Robin supports breastfeeding, intimate parenting, and learning autonomy. He teaches worldwide and works to encourage adults to face up to and be aware of how childhood experiences affect their parenting behaviors as parents and how they interact with partners, friends, colleagues, and neighbors in different settings. Robin shares the same belief with Ediversity that as long as every family and society cares about children’s psychology and emotions, world peace can be achieved.


Our Beliefs

我們相信每位成人只要在自我探索上願意多走一步,父母在養育孩時願意先往內看看自己的需要,習慣以善意善待自己,再去給予孩子所需的滋養,這些許許多多的一小步,正正在一點一滴地栽種著和諧社會的土壤,漸漸為世界帶來一股更廣大的,和平的力量。一如我們的名字,「善養小童成大同」(Parenting for a Peaceful World) ,正正希望透過網上自主學習平台、面對面的體驗式工作坊、心貼心的坦誠交流、真實同行的互助社群,充分照顧家長及成年人的情感需要,讓人明白:自己及孩子的童年,是如何與個人的內在孩子,自身、伴侶、其他照顧者、家人,家族,鄰舍、社區、社會及世界連繫,環環相「扣」,又如何透過這種理解及反思,建立更合適孩子生活的環境,共同建設和諧世界。

As parents, how can we build a more suitable environment for children to live through this understanding and reflection and jointly build a harmonious world? Connecting to the inner child would help rebond with your partner, other caregivers, family, neighbors, community, society, and even the world. Through our online self-learning platform with offline experiential workshops, we hope to create a caring and emotion-supportive peer community for parents. We believe if all parents are willing to spend time on self-exploration, they will be able to increase linkage with their inner child while treating themselves and their child with the same level of nourishment, understanding, and kindness. All these little steps of self-care awareness help build a harmonious society, gradually bringing a broader and gentle force to the world.


Program Features

坊間親職教育一般會以教授不同技巧,講解兒童發展理論為主,為家長提供更有效的「管教方法」,從而讓孩子更乖巧、更合乎父母期望。「善養小童成大同」(Parenting for a Peaceful World,下稱PFPW)並不視孩子的問題是「問題」,以「問題」主導的思維去尋手「方法」;我們專注協助父母及家長教育工作者反思自身的童年經歷,如何在不知不覺間影響到自身教養/教育孩子的模式;將理論與實踐經踐,配合感覺統整、身心整合的自我調適練習,加上同行家長的經驗分享與友好支持,多角度支援父母及家長教育工作者,自行發展出一套合適自身的教養態度與方式。

「Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)」 focuses on assisting parents in reflecting on their childhood experiences and how they unknowingly affect parenting methods. We practice theories and cooperate with self-adjustment exercises for sensory, physical, and mental integration.
Through multiple perspectives of support for parents and educators, we hope to help them develop a set of parenting attitudes and methods suitable for themselves.


Program Content


Our Vision



One of our missions is to unite schools and non-profit-making committed to promoting empathy education in Hong Kong into a mutual aid community that shares resources. By combining our experience in promoting empathy education with our expertise, We will systematically document the effective teaching methods and release research results to the local and overseas academic communities. This way, it benefits frontline parent education in Hong Kong and will be brought to the international academic arena further to support the needs of Chinese families outside Hong Kong.

Our future outlook is that 「Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)」 is not simply a course but also an international Chinese mutual aid community based in Hong Kong, supporting each other without borders and practicing empathy education.


計劃統籌: 教育大同


教育大同於2014 年成立,是由家長發起的慈善組織,一直以來提倡孩子個個不同,教育要有選擇,並透過籌辦論壇、不同教育項目及出版書籍等,展現教育的各種可能,希望由家長開始,鼓勵社會各界一起反思,尊重孩子個人及學習需要,一起衝破應試式教育的困局,讓教育回歸初衷。

發展夥伴及捐助機構: 陳廷驊基金會

The D.H. Chen Foundation

陳廷驊基金會於1970 年由陳廷驊博士創立。陳博士是一位虔誠的佛教徒,一生熱心公益,並以支持利益大眾的事業為己任。以他命名的陳廷驊基金會會延續這位慈善家的心願,積極推動在教育、醫學研究及醫療、以及推廣佛學價值這三個主要領域的工作,建構一個更美好的社會。


計劃顧問 ─ 顧樂本先生 (Mr. Robin Grille)

計劃顧問 (2020-2021) ─ 顧樂本先生 (Mr. Robin Grille)

Robin是澳洲心理學家及家長教育專家,他有25年的豐富臨床經驗,曾多次開辦親職教育課程、撰寫多篇與家庭關係、兒童發展及親職教育有關的文章及書本,分別是 “Parenting for a Peaceful World”、 “Heart to Heart Parenting” 及 “Inner Child Journeys”。 Robin認為個人童年經歷能影響他們作為父母時的教養行為。他相信只要每個家庭和社會都關心兒童心理和情緒,世界和平將可實現。