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About Us

Parenting for a Peaceful World Parenting Programme (PFPW) is one of the flagship projects of EDiversity.  Founded by a group of parents and educators, EDiversity has always advocated choices in education to respect the different needs of children, at home and at school. This programme was born to facilitate this.

PFPW began with the masterpiece Parenting for a Peaceful World written by Australian psychologist Robin Grille.  In 2017, we translated it and published the Chinese version. A year after,  with the support of the D. H. Chen Foundation, we implemented a three-year community parenting project. Through lectures, workshops, reading clubs, we bring about the awareness of how our childhood experiences can affect our parenting style today. 

The PFPW Online Parenting Course is our latest collaboration with Robin and the Foundation, to support parents/teachers/child caregivers. The self-learning elements of the course make learning easy 24×7, while the co-learning elements make your PFPW journey much more nourishing as you learn with others in the PFPW community on and offline, giving you more capacity to respond to your children empathically, so children will learn from your role-modelling, and grow into a global citizen with empathy, and one who knows how to care for oneself, others and society.

What is “Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)”?

“Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)” was written by Robin Grille, a psychologist and Parent Education Expert. He took ten years to research and another five years to write a book of nearly 170,000 words to support his inspiring perspective on the critical relationship between human parenting style, social and world affairs. Robin supports breastfeeding, intimate parenting, and learning autonomy. He teaches worldwide and works to encourage adults to face up to and be aware of how childhood experiences affect their parenting behaviors as parents and how they interact with partners, friends, colleagues, and neighbors in different settings. Robin shares the same belief with Ediversity that as long as every family and society cares about children’s psychology and emotions, world peace can be achieved.

Our PFPW Journey

2012 We first heard of the book Parenting for a Peaceful World.
Norwegian mum Pia Introduced to Hong Kong mum Cam. Pia said, “This is a really good book.”
2014 Cam finally read it after two years. She fervently introduced to Karen and Michell, the three of them founded EDiversity later. It was the first time we read about the shocking history of childhood. We started to realise how have been unconsciously repeating / consciously refusing to repeat our own childhood experience when we respond to our children. We have even started to become more empathic to our aged parents. We began to realise parenting is not only about one family. We know that now collectively, what we do in each family, can change the world. This book let us see hope.
2015 We decided to translate this book into Chinese, through crowd funding.
2017 After two years, we translate and published 《善養小童成大同》, and reprinted twice in two years.
2018 The D. H. Chen Fondation funded us to do a 3-year community parenting programme based on this book.
2019 We officially invited its author, Australian psychologist Robin Grille to become our parenting consultant, and come to Hong Kong to do a 10-day talks and workshops series.
2022 We received further support from the D. H. Chen Foundation, and work with Robin to produce The PFPW Online Course,
We hope more parents can start to care more about themselves, so they can have more emotional capacity to respond to their chidlren’s emotional needs, and support them to grow up healthily, happily, with confidence, while retaining their authentic self.
2023 In first half of the year, we conducted PFPW action rearch at 3 schools, testing 3 of the online modules and related workshops.
2023 In the second hlaf of the year, we gradually roll out The PFPW Online Course.

Our Beliefs

As parents, how can we build a more suitable environment for children to live through this understanding and reflection and jointly build a harmonious world? Connecting to the inner child would help rebond with your partner, other caregivers, family, neighbors, community, society, and even the world. Through our online self-learning platform with offline experiential workshops, we hope to create a caring and emotion-supportive peer community for parents. We believe if all parents are willing to spend time on self-exploration, they will be able to increase linkage with their inner child while treating themselves and their child with the same level of nourishment, understanding, and kindness. All these little steps of self-care awareness help build a harmonious society, gradually bringing a broader and gentle force to the world.

Our Team

Programme Organiser: EDiversity


Established in 2014, EDiversity is a charity initiated by parents in Hong Kong. It advocates the respect of children’s diverse needs and that there should be choices in education to achieve 「Happy and Fulfilling Education for All.」 Through different educational projects at schools and in the community, including its latest project: Parenting for a Peaceful World Online Course, EDiversity and it’s sister organisation, EDiversity Social Enterprises Ltd , hope to encourage parents and children’s caretakers to learn together to be empathy farmers, so both parents and children can grow up in nurturing and emotionally empowering environments to reach their fullest potentials.

Growth Partner and Funder: The D. H. Chen Foundation

The D.H. Chen Foundation

The D. H. Chen Foundation is a Hong Kong family philanthropic trust established in 1970 by Dr. Din Hwa Chen, an ardent philanthropist and a devout Buddhist who also founded the Nan Fung Group. The Foundation has been steering and supporting numerous innovative, impactful and sustainable community initiatives to enrich lives through its five strategies, namely “Initiate, Capacity Building, Innovate, Catalyst for Collaboration, and Impact-Driven”.

Aspiring to build a compassionate society and promote compassion-based values, the Foundation endeavors to put compassion into action through the work of our five Institutes – a realization of Dr. Chen’s philosophy – “Care for others as well as you would care for yourself”.

The description of our programme by the D. H. Chen Foundation.

Programme Consultant: Mr. Robin Grille

顧樂本先生 (Mr. Robin Grille)

Robin Grille is an Australian psychologist and parent education expert, originated from Uruguay. He has more than 30 years of rich experience in clinical psychotherapy. He has written three important internationally acclaimed books: 「Parenting for a Peaceful World」, 「Heart to Heart Parenting」, and 「Inner Child Journeys」, given talks and workshops in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, and was invited by UNICEF as a keynote speaker. Robin has written many articles and books related to family relations, child development and parenting. He believes that individuals』 childhood experiences can influence their parenting behaviour, and if every family and society cares about children’s psychology and emotional wellness, we will be able to achieve a peaceful world.