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Parenting for a Peaceful World

Online Course

Nurturing children’s truest selves with our greatest possible empathy

The parenting approach that supports both parents』 and children’s
emotional needs and brings peace to the world

Programme Vision

We hope to build a Parenting for a Peaceful World (PFPW)  community in which people are empowered through the PFPW Online Course and on and offline workshops to practise Helping Mode Parenting,  which puts empathising with children’s emotional needs, and role-modeling emotional authenticity in the way we speak our feelings to our children at it’s core.  

Parents in this community understand the importance of childhood, how it impacts all of us, and our relationships with our children, families, communities, and our world.  They can gain support from each other and community partners that share PFPW values, and are keen to spread it out to more to co-create a culture of empathy and trust for our children, for a peaceful world. 

Our future outlook is that PFPW is not simply an online course but also an international mutual aid community,  supporting each other without borders, and practising empathy in education, at home and at school.