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PFPW Online Course Production Team

Course Consultant, Writer amd Presenter Robin Grille
Course Coordinators Karen Chow, Mayson Fung
Local Research, Psychology and Programme Consultants Prof. Daisy Zhang, Patricia Chan,
Terence Cheung
eHandbook Content Karen Lau, Phoebe Chan,
Cam Highfield, Chow Tsz Yan
Monthly lectures / Tutorials Cam Highfield, Phoebe Chan, Chow Tsz Yan,
Alice Kwan, Aki Chan, Karen Lau, Kelvin Chan
Parent Stories Interview and Production Alice Kwan, Jeff Ong, Sunny Lam
Somatic Music Soundtracks /
Workshops / Research
Charlie Tang, Mayson Fung
Editors Chow Tsz Yan, Cam Highfield
Post Production VJK United, Gabriela Ng, Chow Tsz Yan,
Sunny Lam, Yip Sau Kuen
Filming New Soul Projects
Cantonese Voice Over Joseph Chan
Mandarin Voice Over Zhe Jin
Translation Nam Nam, Jonathan Tang
Project Support Gabriela Ng, Joanne Chung, Jonathan Tang
Project Convenor Cam Highfield

Special Mention

Guest Voice Over
(Module 1 and introduction, Cantonese)
Mr. Timothy Tse-sing Cheng
Guest Voice Over
(Bonus Features, Cantonese)
Mr. Harry Wong (aka Harry Gor Gor)
English ‘baby’ Voice Over for Module 9.2 Ms. Erica Crebar
Cantonese ‘baby’ Voice Over for Module 9.2 Ms. Alice Kwan
Mandarin ‘baby’ Voice Over for Module 9.2 Ms. Daisy Zhang
Filming Venue Sponsor (Australia) Luminous Youth (Directors: Erica & Paul Crebar)
Volunteering Editor Noel
The 12 parents who share their stories Nettie, Angel, Karen Kan, Phoebe, Alice, Tess,
Stephen, Rita, Nicola, Tsz Yan, Vic, Purdey
Growth Partner and Funder