1. The course is for education and self-enhancement purposes only and cannot replace the need for necessary professional treatment and therapies.
  2. This course does not have the space and scope to address issues related to children with special needs. Nevertheless, you may find a number of key communication skills in this series that can be transferred to your special-needs child.
  3. The tools introduced in the course are carefully picked from well-tested sources and the Inner Child Process is developed and refined by PFPW Course Consultant and Australian psychologist Robin Grille after his 30 years of clinical practice and should be very safe to use. However, every person and parenting context is different. In case watching the online videos or attending the online course triggers distress in you for a sustained period of time, there might be other underlying issues and we suggest you seek necessary psychological or medical help as soon as possible.
  4. Effectiveness depends on the time and effort devoted by the participant. We cannot guarantee it.
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